A Complete Guide to Select the Best E-Commerce Solutions

Oct 28 , 2016 | by Admin
If you have all the eyes opened about e-commerce website design and specifics, you will be amazed that the market is introducing something offbeat and new quite often. Be it the creative prospect or doing off the line, for best website e-commerce solutions there is not one but certain steps that renowned firm should take care of. E-commerce designing is a platform where every small mistake can cost a lot of money. Any flaws in the website functionality may create a huge impact on the image of your company. A well-established e-commerce platform will ensure proper management of content, sales, payment processing, etc. So, let's find out some of the best e-commerce solutions for your business:   1.
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5 Tips to Increase the Website Traffic and Conversions

Sep 30 , 2016 | by Admin
You have launched your website or even after existing for long you are unable to fetch a good traffic. Is it a thing to worry about? Well, we say it’s normal. A good traffic coming in to your site necessarily doesn’t mean a good conversion taking place. There are many misconceptions attached and one amongst them being run A/B test to effectively improve conversions on your commerce site. However, there are many Ecommerce Solutions that result in effective conversion with required tests. In order to run A/B tests, you definitely need at least some traffic to carry out the process.   In CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) you are not limited to only A/B tests. When you use techniques and strategies that yield more conversions from your website, it is called CRO.
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Tips to Create a Successful Ecommerce Website

Sep 14 , 2016 | by Admin

If you have an existing brick-and-mortar store and have notion about launching an eCommerce branch — or maybe have a proposal for a totally new business that you believe might work efficiently as an eCommerce process — now is the moment to act. These markets will only continue to grow more jam-packed in the coming months and years.


Although it may be not viable to address some of the very exact and individual facets of every eCommerce venture, tips below by Vebology have helped many small business owners get off on the right foot. Go through the tips and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.


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Top 10 Tips to Build Your Online Brand

Aug 12 , 2016 | by Admin
Successfully launching your company online is important for your brand value and it is even more crucial if you are a start-up company. People will need to know about you and your product; you have to answer all their questions satisfactorily.     Hence, digital marketing plays a vital role in building the brand name of your company. Here are few tricks to gain that desired online presence:   1. What’s In the Name?   Well, those days are gone when name was a mere formality. People today get attracted by an interesting name. If you go by an eerie name it might backfire and do more harm than profit. Do a lot of research to get the right name for your company as that’ll make all the difference at the first place.
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4 Tips to Improve Ecommerce User Experience

Jun 23 , 2016 | by Admin
The success of an ecommerce website depends on how easily end users are being able to access the information they are looking for. It is necessary to understand the expectations of the customer and their experience when browsing the online store. In these lines the design of a website isn’t gauged by the look but the feedback and experience of the visitor/customer. It’s interesting but a sad fact that 97% of modern ecommerce website fail at the UX end. Websites are suffering more from frustrated users and subsequently a low rate of conversion.
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How to Improve the Visitor’s Experience throughout the Store?

Jun 06 , 2016 | by Admin
  The online stores can have an edge over their competition in case they follow customer delight practices. The ecommerce stores surely need to push the marketing efforts to pull more traffic. However, the website needs to be even more prudent to find ways which will lead to higher conversions and help retain customers for repeat purchases. This can be done by making favourable the entire journey from the moment the customer opens the website till he orders and then moves out of the site. These following tips are sure to enrich the visitor's experience throughout the store and also can possibly convert them into customers for life.
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Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate [Infographic]

May 12 , 2016 | by Admin

The fundamental of conversion optimization basically revolves around how you direct your customers to conversion funnel. You should always follow best practices to optimize your website and call to actions. Here we have an infographic from Vebology which revolves around tips to increase ecommerce conversion rate.


Ecommerce Conversion Rate Infographic

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Does The Speed Of My Website Matter?

May 07 , 2016 | by Admin
  To set things clear from the right, website speed will specifically refer to the loading time of your web pages. Depending on the device, it is crucial how fast the user is able to access and browse through the information provider in the website. Be it about finding a product or reading a news item, end users (visitors and customers) need information to be available immediately at their end.   So why page loading time or the website speed is important for your business? In the present day market scenario, competition has increased manifold and if your website doesn’t cater to the demands of your customers, there are other alternatives (read competitors) to switch to.
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Best Strategies For Turning Website Visitors Into Leads

Mar 28 , 2016 | by Admin
Maximizing leads is one of the most expensive and resource consuming task. Whether you are new to the online marketing business or have been here for a while now, visitor conversion is something that you will continuously need to work upon. No strategy will last a lifetime and no group of audience will stick to your platform if you are not reinventing and offering something unique like your competitors. There are a number of reasons that go into converting visitors into strong leads and eventually into customers who pay for your products and services. It would be worth the effort to identify the potential elements that could prove helpful and those that have been the problem.
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Search Trends That Will Impact Online Revenue in 2016

Feb 17 , 2016 | by Admin
The content marketing and digital search world has seen lots of changes and innovative ideas in 2015. Now the stage has been shifted from simple content creation to content creation using the search and social behavior of users. This new change will help in improving brand awareness across different channels and to engage audience. 2016 will be a big year for online stores as we have seen an increase in mobile traffic in year 2015. People are now using mobile devices more to shop and search for the goods and services. Businesses should concentrate on creating mobile strategies that can drive traffic and convert visitors.   Here are 5 search trends that will impact the online revenue in 2016.
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