Terms & Conditions


A set monthly payment from chosen package is due upon signup to Vebology. The services will not begin until the first monthly payment has been received. We then require clients to set up a standing order mandate on the due/agreed date of payment, this will usually be the monthly anniversary date of your initial payment/sign-up. It is the customers’ obligation to meet the required monthly payments for the website to remain active on the web.

Vebology also take payment over the phone from customers Debit or Visa cards if required if there is a delay in the set up of their standing order mandate. In such cases we have to take payment from your card it is the customers’ liability to insure there is enough funds for the transaction as we will not accept any liability for fees in which the bank may charge and the customers will be required to reimburse any fees caused to Vebology.

If for any reason Vebology do not receive payment on the due/expected date then the website will be made inactive until outstanding amounts are settled. 



Vebology’s packages do not include the cost of your domain. This is a separate factor to the package and you solely pay this and renew it on the basis you have set with the binding company. Nor do we accept and third party charges, such as bank charges, payment gateway charges ect,.


Vebology will integrate the domain name and payment gateway onto your account but will not be responsible for any third-party charges, billing ect., You must represent and warrant you have the right to use the third-party software, and have paid the applicable licensing fees for the software, and then we can integrate this to your online store.

By using third party software you agree that in such an event you shall be liable to pay all resulting costs, damages, expenses and reasonable attorneys' fees that a court awards and settlements incurred by Vebology in connection with any such claims.




There is no minimum contract term with Vebology. Customers can cancel the service at any time. The website however will give offline immediately once the standing order is cancelled.




The customer will receive exactly what is stated in the packages features. If an additional package/feature is needed then the packages will remain the same monthly price but the additional feature will incur a one off charge as set by Vebology.

Vebology withdraw the rights of FTP details and database details to be shared with the customer. The customer may however take a backup of their files whenever they wish through the CMS admin panel.




Customers must upload all their own data and information onto the website. We are not liable to do this.

You shall be solely responsible for providing, updating and uploading product images and data, such as the products information, delivery terms, ect.




Vebology provide you a limited license to use the ecommerce solution as defined by the package you have selected for the sole purpose of operating an online store.

Vebology shall provide the stated storage for the Software and content of customer's website and make it available for end-users to access. Customer will be allocated the storage space as designated in the plan purchased.




The Service which Vebology offers is limited to, all intellectual property rights being the property of Vebology.

All our templates are the property of KOL Limited and have been designed for Ecommerce solutions to be created using one of Vebology packages. Copying any of these templates without prior authorisation From Vebology to use them is illegal and anybody found doing so is in breach of our privacy policy.

All personal data collected on the website is only for internet communication and will not be shared with any third party.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please feel free to contact us at: Support@vebology.com



Vebology, or KOL Limited promise no guarantee of the revenue, or the amount of sales which will be generated on each of our clients websites.